Lessons & Training

Providing you with high-quality horseback riding instruction in a variety of disciplines, for riders of all ages and skill levels.

LESSONS AND TRAINING 1Playland Equestrian Center, LLC is pleased to offer riding lessons and training with Glenda Player. Glenda has taught throughout the United States and abroad. She has a unique approach to teaching that enables both riders and horses to perform at their optimal level. Glenda loves teaching riders of all ages and skill levels and believes in creating a good relationship between horse and rider.

She accepts all breeds and ages of horses in training and focuses on bringing out their full potential. While Glenda specializes in her C.O.R.E. Rider method, which is applicable to all disciplines, she focuses her own competitive riding in the disciplines of dressage, eventing and show-jumping.

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Please contact glenda@playlandequestriancenter.com for lesson scheduling times or to book your training package. Lessons can be scheduled almost anytime throughout the week, and are available in private, semi-private, and groups.

Download the lessons and rates information sheet. (PDF)

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