Annual Boarder Holiday Brunch @ Playland Farm
Dec 14 all-day

Let’s catch up and celebrate the holiday season! Bring your favorite dish to share!

C.O.R.E. Fall Clinic #3 @ Playland Equestrian Center
Dec 15 all-day

Get to the ‘CORE’ of your riding with this fun fall clinic series with Mind Body Studies Academy graduate and professional equestrian, Glenda Player!

CORE Rider is an acronym for Centered, Organized, Responsive, Effective riding. Through this method, riders learn how to use aids in a clearer, more organized and effective manner, thus developing a responsive, balanced horse. The method assists in learning a clearer sense of awareness of one’s own movements and use of self. In the process, the method promotes ease of movement, coordination and flexibility. At the heart of the CORE Rider method is teaching oneself a greater awareness of his/her own movement.

To learn more about C.O.R.E.:

The clinic consists of unmounted group sessions and mounted small group lessons (3 riders max). With AM and PM groups, you’re only have to commit a half day to get the most out of this clinic. Plus a FREE lunch will be provided for participants between the AM and PM sessions.

Lesson horses are available on a limited basis. Contact Glenda directly for more information.

9:00-10:30am — Morning unmounted group session
10:45am-12:00pm — Mounted group #1
12:00pm-1:15pm — Mounted group #2
1:45-3:15pm — Afternoon unmounted group session
3:30-4:45pm — Mounted group #3
4:45-6:00pm — Mounted group #4
6:00-6:30pm — Mounted private (optional, 1st come 1st serve)
6:30-7:00pm — Mounted private (optional, 1st come 1st serve)

Saturday Jumping Fun with Glenda @ Playland Equestrian Center
Dec 21 all-day

The tentative plan is to start at 10am and have 2 groups:

10am: Elem/BN (2’3″ – 2’9″)

11am(ish): N+ (2’9″-3’+)

Cost will be $50-60/rider depending on the size of the group. Just contact Glenda to be added to the list!